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Florio Database
aims at:

- creating a data-base as complete as possible containing works published in England and Scotland between 1470 and 1640, which are translations or adaptations of works originally published in France (and occasionally in Flanders or in Geneva) during the same period.
All genres and styles of publications are included. Many are pamphlets, religious or political.
The period selected is the one covered by the Short-Title Catalogue, second edition.

- providing biographical notices for all translators and booksellers identified, and identifying patrons.

- at a later stage, establishing the provenance of known copies both of the translationsand of the original works, kept in the libraries covered by the STC

The database should help researchers to identify intellectual and commercial networks which acted as relays between France and England during the period. It should lead to a more precise understanding of the circulation of ideas and news during the period.

The base can be searched by author, title, translator, printer and / or publisher, publication and Stationers' Company Register dates and by key-words. Florio allows for combined searches and for the establishment of statistics.

A group of students and young researchers are involved in the realisation of the project under the direction of Professor Jean-Paul Pittion. For enquiries and information requests, please contact: florio@cesr.univ-tours.fr